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Little Red Theatre is a non-profit registered charity and finances its activities through performance and workshop fees and YOUR charitable donations.

Once in a blue moon, we go crazy for a fundraiser. Please mark Saturday May 11 AT 7:00 PM on your calendars. Come out with your fancy shoes and celebrate the diversity of things we offer on the little red menu. We will have entertainment galore, food, maybe some gifties, an auction and as much entertainment as we can throw at you.
Tickets: $10 at the door
RONCESVALLES UNITED CHURCH, 214 Wright Avenue, Toronto
Can`t get there, darn it all?? You can donate to our fundraiser at


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OR  send a cheque to Little Red Theatre @ 25 Beaty Avenue, Toronto ON M6K 3B3

Meticulous care and attention to detail accompany every project that Little Red Theatre produces. We explore many different aspects of theatre, from stories about all different kinds of people, sometimes fairy tales, sometimes modern dance,  innovative puppetry, magnificent songs, sometimes high tech visual projections and general magic that appeals to young audiences. Each show is completely different and unique. We bring high standards and expectations to each performance that we bring to the stage.  

CONTACT US at 416.533.8848