Little Red Theatre is an independent children's theatre company and a non-profit charity that has been bringing the magic of theatre to children for over 30 years.  Founded in 1988 by Artistic Director Jody Terio, Little Red has two divisions: a touring theatre with young professional actors that presents shows in schools across Ontario, and an after-school educational program that gives students (ages 7 - 16) in Toronto's Roncesvalles Village area, the opportunity to create their own musical theatre production and perform it for their classmates, friends, and family.  Through each of these programs Little Red is able to do its part to make sure that live theatre, one of the most powerfully effective performing arts, is an integral part of our youth's artistic experience.  

Artistic Director:  Jody Terio

The journey starts inside, travels outside and when it reaches you, it becomes theatre!

Little Red Theatre is a non-profit, registered charity and finances its productions and workshops through performance and workshop fees and YOUR charitable donations.

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Meticulous care and attention to detail accompany every project that Little Red Theatre produces. We explore many different aspects of the theatre, from stories about all different kinds of people, sometimes fairy tales, sometimes modern dance,  innovative puppetry, magnificent songs and sometimes high tech visual projections.  Each show is completely different and unique. We bring high standards and expectations to each performance that little red theatre brings to the stage.  Our first rule is that the show be interesting for our young audiences and that we work with other artists whose work we find interesting. Our second rule is that our advertising about our shows is clear and detailed so that when people are buying or coming to see a show, they know what to expect!!